Professional Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration in Folsom

October, 2013 by

If your home, business or a property that you manage has extensive water damage, fire damage or heavily soiled carpets, then you may need a professional cleaning service. Fortunately for those with Water Damage Folsom is home to a company that can repair almost any water damage. Carpet Technologies and CTech Restoration are a subsidiary of Adkar, Inc.

Water damage can require costly repairs and can even devalue your home. Extensive water damage is also linked with mold growth. The most common type of mold that grows after water damage, such as a flood, is black mold. Mold causes illnesses and respiratory conditions. The elderly and young children are the most vulnerable demographics to mold. A professional cleaning and restoration service can remove the dangerous mold and dispose of the infected materials safely. Fortunately, if your home or business suffers Water Damage Folsom is serviced by Carpet Technologies and CTech Restoration.

Another circumstance that you might require a professional cleaning and restoration service for is a crime scene cleanup. Often times, family members cannot emotionally deal with cleaning after a loved one has passed, or in the instance of a homicide. The landlord may not want to clean the hazardous material for fear of infection. Carpet Technologies and CTech Restoration is experienced in cleaning these delicate situations and can eliminate the emotional distress from an already difficult and stressful time.

Carpets can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt and grime over the years. Whether you are trying to sell your home, spruce up an existing house or rent a recently vacated apartment, Carpet Technologies and CTech Restoration can provide speedy and superior results. Using a multitude of cleaning techniques, including a hot water process, this company will restore your carpets to their original new condition.

Carpet Technologies and CTech Restoration is a full service cleaning company that can help with many different kinds of scenarios. They can help with a crime scene cleanup, so you can attend to more important matters and be with family. They can clean your carpets even at the last moment. Also, they can help with extensive water damage, which can cause harmful mold.

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