Procedures that are Part of Orthodontics in Keller

by | May 21, 2014 | Dentistry

Nothing performs a bigger blow to self-image than having crooked or out of place teeth. They make smiling and talking in front of people very difficult if not impossible. Also, if the teeth are too crooked, eating may become a very difficult task. Orthodontics is the practice that is concerned with making sure that teeth are aligned the way that they should be. Below are a few of the procedures that form part of Orthodontics in Keller.

Getting braces

Braces are one of the oldest procedures that are used to try and straighten out crooked teeth. Crooked teeth are normally a result of old teeth being impounded in the jaw when new ones are coming in, injuries that lead to tooth position displacement and other birth defects.

Braces are composed of the wires and the brackets. What happens is that the teeth are bound using the wires, in an attempt to rectify the teeth that are out of line. The wires are tightened every few months to follow the straightening out path that the orthodontist has set out for you.

Another mechanism that is used in aligning teeth that could be out of place is Invisalign. This is a newer and more sophisticated procedure. It is great because:

* The aligners are invisible, eliminating the stereotypes associated with braces.

* The aligners are easier to work with when it comes to cleaning the teeth when compared to braces.

The aligners are normally placed on top of the tooth. They are replaced every two weeks, following the path that the orthodontist has mapped out for you. The process ends when your teeth are perfectly aligned.

Dealing with missing teeth

Another role that is played by orthodontists is getting ways of replacing missing teeth. If you have more than five missing teeth, the orthodontist may recommend getting dentures or bridges, depending on the location of the gaps in the mouth. If the gaps follow each other, dentures will be the most appropriate alternative. Orthodontics in Keller will mold the dentures to fit your gum.

These are just a few of the dental problems that orthodontists deal with. For more information on orthodontics.

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