Problems that can Cause You to Need Chimney Repair in Hagerstown, MD

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Much like the roof, a chimney is easy to ignore as long as it’s doing its job. When something goes wrong, though, it suddenly becomes the most noticeable thing in the house. That’s when it’s time to get chimney repair Hagerstown MD.

One common chimney problem involves leaks. Leaks can affect the chimney itself or the place where the chimney joins with the roof. Fortunately, both can be repaired. Patches are applied to metal chimneys, and new mortar can be put into brick ones. For roof/chimney leaks, repairing or replacing the flashing usually takes care of the problem. The flashing is a strip of material, usually made of metal or plastic, that surrounds the chimney and connects it to the roof.

If you’ve lit a fire only to have all of the smoke billow back into the house, it indicates that there is some sort of blockage in the flue. Nests from birds and other animals are usually responsible for this problem, but other natural debris can also be at fault. Another issue could be that the damper, which controls chimney airflow, isn’t working right. If it either sticks closed or randomly falls into the closed position, it will block the smoke from being able to get out the way it should.

Many people think that bricks or other masonry should last forever, but this often isn’t the case with chimneys. That is likely because chimneys are highly exposed. The tall, thin structure sticking up from the roof can be hit on all sides with rain, wind, and hot sun. If a storm occurs, a tree branch can be blown into it and cause damage. Together, these environmental stresses can cause a brick chimney to degrade far faster than the bricks on the side of the house. When a masonry chimney wears out, you don’t have to get a mason to fix it. Get chimney repair Hagerstown MD from a professional chimney sweep for service from someone who specializes in these specific structures. Whether the chimney only needs some shoring up or has to be rebuilt, you can be sure that the job will be done well and will last for many more years.

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