Print shop in NYC, NY – 5 Questions You Should Always Ask

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Printing

Finding the ideal Print shop in NYC, NY is a daunting task. You want quality for money, and the results you expect from the finished print job. Here are five questions you should always ask before committing to the services of a professional printer.

1. Am I using the right paper?

One of the most important decisions you make during the printing process is which type of paper to use. Based on the overall design you want, ask your printer what color, weight, shine and coat the paper you use should have for best results.

2. How fast can you finish?

It is important to find out how long the printer takes to complete a job. Ask the print shop what their average turnaround time is, and if there is a guarantee to back it up. Also, find out if they get in touch with you immediately if any issue comes up during production. Problems resolved quickly ensure that the print job completes on time.

3. Do you do a mock-up?

Seeing a hard copy of a print product before doing an entire run is very important. It gives you a chance to see how the print job will look in its entirety, and make any necessary corrections. Ask your printer if they do mock-ups for you to sign off on before they begin printing.

4. Is there a cheaper option?

Once you decide on a design and finish, explore available substitutions that make the print job less expensive. Ask the print shop if you can use a more cost-effective paper stock to produce a similar finished quality, with a fraction of the cost.

5. Do you proofread before printing?

Making sure everything on your initial design is correct, communicates your businesses attention to detail. Proofreading also saves time and money by letting you not have to correct and re-print materials that contain mistakes. Ask the printer if they proofread text before initiating each print run.

Ask these five important questions to ensure you receive quality products and service from a Print shop in NYC, NY. Focus on paper quality, proofreading and turnaround time to get the most value for money. All of these factors determine the ultimate quality and cost of your finished print job.

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