Assisted Living Elder Care in Bristol, CT

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Making the decision to find Elder Care in Bristol, CT is often a tough decision. As your parents age, it often becomes more difficult for them to do the things they used to do, including everyday life activities, so finding suitable assistance is beneficial. Being a caregiver can also be completely debilitating for both the caregiver and their loved one. Providing care for elderly family members can be an overwhelming task and in some situations, the caregiver becomes consumed with protecting their loved one, which sometimes interferes in the ability of your loved one to continue living independently. It is important to know there are a wide range of options for care for the elderly, such as in-home care, nursing home care and assisted living, all of which can prove to be extremely beneficial for your elderly loved one.

When you begin your search for services that provide Elder Care in Bristol, CT, there are several factors to consider, which ensure you have found the best care for your parents, including the type of services that are best suited for them. If your parents want to continue living independently, but they require some assistance for daily living skills, assisted living facilities such as are an excellent option. Assisted living homes are small communities where the elderly can live in individualized housing, yet they have complete access to medical providers, nursing staff and other people such as nursing techs to help them when needed. Assisted living communities provide a wide range of services, including activities, assistance with daily hygiene and medications.

A nursing home is a place where the elderly reside with other elderly people. Nursing homes provide round the clock staff members assisting patients with medications, daily hygiene care and other medical services. If the elderly person is suffering with a diagnosis, such as Alzheimer’s, a nursing home can provide a vast array of services, including security and protection for the elderly resident. Although it is difficult to make the decision to move your loved one to a nursing home or an assisted living community, it can actually be a rewarding situation for the senior. The majority of assisted living communities provide activities, residents meet new people who enjoy the activities as them and they are in a safe, comfortable environment where they have access to medical attention when needed.


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