Present Your Team With Pride Wearing Screen Print In Kansas City

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Nothing makes a team or social group feel special than being able to wear tee-shirts or other pieces of clothing that match in appearance. Sometimes these shirts or hats can bear the name of their team, school or group. Other times a popular cartoon figure or logo will be all that they need to recognize themselves in a crowd. School sports teams also enjoy wearing popular slogans that inspire members to push themselves further to achieve their goals. Screen printing in Kansas City is a great way to design and manufacture these shirts. Whether you plan to give these shirts out as gifts or rewards, they usually make quite a hit with all of your members. Pieces of clothing and other accessories that have team or school slogans can be the perfect vehicle for fund raising efforts as well.

The House of Apparel is known for their Screen Print in Kansas City that features an array of colors and styles. To begin, all you have to do is give them a preliminary design for their staff to work with. The types of shirts, hats and bags you can order is available on their web pages online at Having a customized school logo added to a fabric bag is an excellent item to use for fund raising sales. Many regions and communities have now banned plastic shopping bags from supermarkets and other retail stores. Shoppers are required to bring their own form of carrying their purchases home. Fabric bags are not just economical but ecologically sound as well for their durability with continued usage. Selling an assortment of fabric bags is a nice way to offer a solution to this shopping situation.

Students can sell these bags with personalized designs not just to their fellow classmates, but to members of their family and neighbors in their town. Artists can also use these professional reproduction and embroidery services. Individual drawings can be drafted onto clothing to support your artistic endeavors. When you submit your concept to their staff members, they can advise you on the best way to present your artistic talents as wearable pieces of art.

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