Practical Tips for Back Pain Management Norman

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

There are a number of different back Pain Management Norman remedies that are under your complete control. In some situations it is nice to know the options that are available to you and that are able to be incorporated into your daily routine. Learn more about these methods at.


Even with the large number of medical treatments that are now available, simply applying ice can be extremely effective and a proven treatment for any sore neck or back. For ideal effectiveness ice is most effective when it is applied right after the injury occurs or after any activity that creates any stiffness or pain. Ice is also useful in alleviating postoperative discomfort and pain.


There is no question that heat and warmth has been long associated with relaxation and comfort and heat therapy can even go further in providing Pain Management Norman for a number of different types of lower back pain. Additionally, heat therapy methods, such as warm gel packs, hot baths, heat wraps and heating pads are an inexpensive way that find relief. There are some patients that are comforted by heat more than others, either dry or moist heat, and others find more relief with ice. It is also smart to alternate the two therapies for superior pain and discomfort relief.

Hamstring Stretching

If your hamstring muscles are tight, which are the bigger muscles in the backs of your thighs, then the pelvis motion you have may be limited, which will increase your overall back pain. In order to reduce this type of stress, it is a good idea to use hamstring stretching exercises each day. This should be done by applying even pressure that will lengthen the hamstring muscles for a period of 30 to 45 seconds each time, once or twice daily.

If you are still unable to find relief, you may need the services of a professional such as Darryl D Robinson. They can help to find the underlying issues related to your back pain and help to relieve it for good, reducing the pain and discomfort that you feel each and every day.

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