Potential Dangers of Cosmetic Fillers in St. Paul, MN

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Patients looking to reduce the visible signs of aging often rely upon cosmetic fillers to turn back the hands of time. A popular cosmetic filler that is used by many doctors in the St. Paul area is what is known as a dermal filler.

There are hundreds of different dermal fillers that can be used ranging from synthetic hyaluronic acid fillers to those that contain calcium hydroxyapatite. Each filler is designed in a way to help add volume and texture to the skin, which will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging.

While the fillers are able to successful reduce the visible signs of aging, they do come with a risk. There are several potential dangers that can come from having a doctor use Cosmetic Fillers in St. Paul, MN.

One of the most common dangers that come from cosmetic fillers is the chance of infection. Infections can occur shortly after the cosmetic procedure to insert the cosmetic fillers or several months later.

Patients are susceptible to infections the first few days after the procedure because of the need to break the skin to insert the fillers. Doctors who insert cosmetic fillers in St. Paul, MN must break the skin slightly with a fine needle to insert the fillers. If the area where the fillers has been inserted is exposed to dirt or bacterium, an infection can occur.

An infection can also occur after the procedure. The body of some patients may view the cosmetic filler as a ‘foreign body’ and start to attack it. When the body attacks the cosmetic filler, it leads to an infection.

In addition to infections, another danger that can result from having a doctor insert cosmetic fillers in St. Paul, MN is an allergic reaction. Some patients may unknowingly be allergic to the materials that are used for the cosmetic fillers. Allergic reactions to cosmetic fillers can cause itching, swelling, and even hives.

Cosmetic fillers, or dermal fillers as they are called, can help smooth out fine lines and work as a Wrinkle Treatment, but they come with some risks. It is important to think over the dangers of this type of procedure before proceeding.

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