Out of The Office and Into The Wild: Creating a Fun Company Event Camping in Missouri

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Business owners and corporate event planners know that the best company events are fun, morale boosting, family friendly, and budget friendly. What better way to meet all four of these goals than to spend a weekend enjoying nature and participating in fun group activities while Camping in Missouri! It only takes a little bit of planning to pull off an event that workers will remember for years.

The first step is selecting a resort or campground. Event planners should look for a venue that has experience hosting large groups. One way to determine this is to visit the resort’s website. Do they have cabins, lodges, or bunkhouses that can accommodate large groups? Do they offer special pricing for large groups? Are there package deals that include lodging, food, and activities? Are there activities such as hayrides or float trips that large groups can enjoy together? Each of these are good indicators that the resort is an excellent choice for a company event.

The next step is making sure that the event is fun for all families. In addition to participating in group activities, many families may wish to break away from the group for a few hours to enjoy themselves. This should be encouraged. Event planners should suggest hiking, swimming, horseback riding, or fishing as activities families might enjoy. Selecting a resort that is close to other attractions will provide families with even more opportunities to enjoy eachother’s company.

Thirdly, a successful event is a safe event. Camping in Missouri can be a lot of fun, as long as a few safety rules are followed:

*   Children should be supervised in and around water no matter how shallow

*   A bad sunburn can ruin a weekend – sunscreen is a must

  Alcohol, if permitted, should be consumed responsibly and limited to those over the age of 21

*    Nobody should hike or swim alone – this includes adults

*   All participants should be instructed to obey all posted safety regulations

Finally, Contact Huzzah Valley Resort. They have staff members who will be happy to assist in planning a corporate event or retreat that is sure to be enjoyed by all employees and their families.

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