New York Keratin Straightening for Stubborn Locks

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you live in New York, keratin straightening is probably something of which you have heard. The salons of the Big Apple jumped on this trend and are still mastering it in their salons today. When searching for a quality New York keratin straightening treatment, however, one should be sure to look into the credibility of the salon, first. A good keratin hair treatment servicing salon can be the difference in many more weeks of straight hair than with other salons. Find out from online reviews, the opinions of those in your trusted circle of acquaintances, and, even, by contacting salon owners themselves.

What is a Keratin Straightening Treatment?
Keratin is actually a protein that our body makes naturally and exists in our hair, skin, and nails. So treatments include a chemical actually made in our body already and high-end conditioners ready to smooth out your locks. Makers of keratin treatments utilize knowledge of this protein to create a seal on the hair that protects it from frizz, damage, and makes it much easier and faster to blow dry or otherwise style your hair.

Why Should I Book a Treatment?
The buzz isn’t happening without good reason. A quality straightening treatment of this sort can mean quite the difference for individuals with stubborn, unmanageable hair. Taking the time and money to receive this treatment will most likely save money and time with your own hairstyling on a daily basis– and sometimes for up to 2-3 months.

How Do I Choose the Venue?
But, again, be sure to research a salon before receiving such a treatment because a bad straightening treatment can be frustrating. If you take the time and money to receive this treatment, you are going to want to see results for quite some time, and this does not always occur—especially with those of us with hard to manage, curly and frizzy locks. Look for a salon with trained professionals and knowledgeable staff. Make sure the stylist understands your hair type and the stresses those tresses cause! A great salon can be the perfect venue for your frizz to meet its match.

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