Need More Efficient Air Conditioning? Mesa HVAC Experts Can Help

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Over time air conditioning units can become inefficient, which may increase your utility bills, and still not cool your home well. When you have problems with air conditioning Mesa HVAC experts can help. Professionals, such as Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning, offer services that increase comfort and save you money. These include:

REGULAR MAINTENANCE: The best way to keep your air conditioner efficient is to ensure that professionals inspect it at least twice a year. Experts who specialize in Air Conditioning will make sure your unit is safe and performing well. They can tune-up the unit, make adjustments, and maximize performance. These steps can extend the life of your air conditioner, and reduce the chances of expensive breakdowns.

AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: The insulation in modern homes can cause them to trap pollutants, as well as cooled air. Over time, pollen, dust mites, chemicals, pet hair, dander, and mold can build up in air ducts. Irritants are spread throughout your home, and can make allergies and health conditions worse. The EPA has identified this problem as indoor air pollution, which is why HVAC experts will measure your home’ s air quality. When they find a problem, they will suggest solutions tailored to your needs. These can range from whole-house filtration systems to air cleaners, HEPA filters, or dehumidifiers.

QUALITY REPAIRS: If your air conditioner breaks down, HVAC experts respond 24/7. Technicians will arive quickly, and bring the tools needed to make many repairs immediately. After they troubleshoot your Air Conditioning Mesa experts will offer a “per job” price and provide options. Professionals also offer guaranteed labor and parts.

INSTALLATIONS: When your air conditioner cannot be repaired, or is extremely inefficient, technicians might suggest replacing it with an energy-efficient system. New technology has resulted in units that can dramatically lower utility bills. Experts will suggest replacement units that are the ideal capacity to offer maximum comfort for the least cost. Professionals can efficiently install new units, and will also educate you about any rebates or tax credits that the upgrades entitle you to.

HVAC experts can maintain and repair your air conditioner, to help increase its efficiency, lower energy use, and increase your comfort. They will also show you how to improve the quality of indoor air, and explain the benefits of replacing an older unit with an energy-efficient system.

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