Need a plumber for a home renovation project?

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

When most people even hear the word plumber their skin crawls, thinking the worst. Perhaps the toilet is overflowing all over the bathroom or a water pipe has burst in the basement and already the water is knee deep. Yes; a plumber in Suffolk County needs to be called in when these things happen, but the same plumber can be your best friend when it comes time for the long awaited bathroom renovation, help with the plumbing in your sparkling new kitchen or install a shower in the basement for your kids after they come in from playing football.

How to find this guy:

Usually a good friend, family member or neighbor has had their home renovated or perhaps built a new home from the ground up. Get names from these people as they will have been dealing with plumbers who have demonstrated a skill in renovation or construction work, these guys are not needed for a repair job. Undertaking a project is different; the plumber in Suffolk County must be able to organize the job, have the material and labor on site on an agreed upon date and perform the work in accordance with code as no doubt a permit will be required. This plumber must have prepared a well documented estimate and have a reputation for not going over the quoted price.

Check his license, you can contact the state licensing board; they will be in a position to provide you with names of licensed plumbers and their current status. Of course they will not be able to make any specific recommendations as that is not their job. You will still have to prepare your own short list and make interviews; just because a plumber is licensed does not guarantee that they are great at their job and that you will feel comfortable working with them.

Before you talk to the plumbers have a plan prepared of what you want as the finished project. You do not have to offer any plumbing detail, the plumber will do that. So you ask the same questions of the various plumbers that you wish to talk to, make a little cheat sheet with all the questions that are important to you. Obviously the rate, are they insured and bonded and who is responsible for purchasing the material.

Once you have made your choice there is no need to hover, of course you will want to watch the progress but do it from a distance and make yourself available to answer any questions the plumber in Suffolk County may have.

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