Need a Car Accident Lawyer for a Case Involving a Pedestrian?

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Were you involved in a pedestrian/automobile accident, and need the knowledgeable guidance of an attorney? In many car accident cases involving pedestrians, pedestrians sustain severe if not fatal injuries, depending on the circumstances of the collision. Negligence is often the core component of such cases, either on the part of a driver or pedestrian. Both drivers and pedestrians are expected to adhere to the laws of the road; however, an instance of carelessness can lead to a serious accident.

Driver Responsibility
Drivers in car accidents involving pedestrians can be held accountable for a number of reasons. Not giving pedestrians the right of way, taking their eyes off of the road, or attempting to multi-task while driving are some common instances of driver negligence. Naturally, a pedestrian is at much greater risk of being severely injured, especially if the driver isn’t acknowledging the speed limit. If you or someone you love was injured by a reckless driver and needs a car accident lawyer, Georgia legal professionals assist clients with proving fault in their cases and working toward a fair settlement.

When Pedestrians Are Liable
Negligence in automobile and pedestrian accidents is not exclusive to drivers, and can also be attributed to pedestrians. For example, if a pedestrian runs into oncoming traffic without looking and giving drivers no time to react and causing an accident, it’s likely they’d be held accountable for any injuries and damages. Because it can be difficult to pinpoint who’s at fault in accident cases, it’s always a smart idea to consult a car accident lawyer. Georgia personal injury attorneys can provide insight into any questions you may have about negligence and the role it plays in your claim.

Adept Legal Assistance
In cases involving an injured pedestrian, it can be difficult to determine which traffic laws were broken or who acted carelessly without the guidance of a skilled attorney. Trying to navigate a personal injury claim alone or with inexperienced representation hardly ever yields favorable results. Whether you were struck by an inattentive driver while crossing the street or a careless pedestrian caused you to swerve into another vehicle, a trained car accident lawyer will provide constructive advice and dependable support.

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