Most Pedestrian Accidents in Hawaii Occur When Drivers Are Making Turns

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Most Pedestrian Accidents in Hawaii Occur When Drivers Are Making Turns

Whenever a driver makes a left or right turn in traffic, the chances of an accident happening increase. Pedestrians can be particularly at risk, since drivers may not see them in a crosswalk if they aren’t paying close attention. Some individuals advocate for the repeal of traffic laws allowing right turns at red lights, since pedestrian accidents in Hawaii and elsewhere are a hazard associated with these maneuvers.

Right Turn on Red

The main problem with turning right at a red light is that so many drivers do not come to a complete stop and look at the crosswalks from all directions. They slow down for the light, look toward the direction they want to go, and speed up. Pedestrian accidents in Hawaii are significant risks due to this behavior.

Left Turns

Left turns are a much bigger problem, accounting for about twenty-five percent of accidents in which vehicles strike pedestrians, according to a report from National Public Radio. Nearly two-hundred pedestrians are killed each year in these specific types of incidents.

Traffic signals with left turn arrows are less of a problem because the pedestrians do not have a “walk” signal while the arrow is green. Drivers also do not have to be as concerned with gauging the speed and distance of oncoming traffic, since those drivers coming from the other direction are supposed to be stopped at their red light.

Left turns at intersections with stop signs also pose significant problems. The intersection may have stop signs only for traffic coming from one direction. The other drivers are free to make a left turn if there is no oncoming traffic, but they must watch for pedestrians crossing the street.

Distracted Walking

Drivers who were making a left turn and struck a pedestrian are nearly always considered at fault by law enforcement. However, Honolulu has a law against distracted walking. Looking at a screen while crossing a street is a violation. The law was passed to address Honolulu’s relatively high rate of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. A person who was violating this law and was struck by a vehicle may need representation by an organization like Yoshida & Associates if the driver’s automotive insurance disputes the claim. Visit today for more information.

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