Michigan Powder Coating Vs. Painting

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Coating

If you manufacture or work with metal parts or components, you may want to protect them from the elements. This is especially important with iron or steel parts because they can rust easily. Two of the most common methods for protecting metal are painting and Michigan powder coating processes. Here is a look at both methods to help you make an informed decision.


Painting parts is very simple and easy. In fact, you can simply dip them in paint and then let them dry. However, you need a considerable amount of surface preparation, if not, the paint does not stick to the metal and it may crack, peel, and fall off in a short time.

Coating with Powder

A Michig an powder coating process uses a dry polymer powder. After cleaning the metal parts, instead of applying solvents (like paint) the powder adheres to the metal through electrostatic attraction. The coated part then gets placed in a heated environment to cure. The polymer powder is often a thermoplastic and creates a hard and durable finish which stays on even when scratched.

Painting Benefits

Perhaps you create products which cannot stand much heat. Painting is an excellent option, and it is the most affordable method for protecting parts. Paint is used on all kinds of parts including plastics, and you can create a very thin finish.

Why Michigan Powder Coating is Superior to Painting

Here are some benefits to consider:

• Tougher and more long-lasting finish that painting.
• You can create a very thick coating, thicker than paint.
• Faster – curing time is faster than the time it takes many paints to dry.
• Eco-friendly – very little if any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) get released into the environment.

Powder coat methods offer a wide range of benefits to business. Talk to your finishing experts today about all the options you have.

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