4 Signs You Are Dealing with a Dishonest Roofing Company in McKinney

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Roofing

Does your roof have problems? Perhaps you noticed torn or missing shingles or little brown spots on the ceiling. If so, you may need to contact a roofing company in McKinney TX about repairs or replacement. However, make sure you use a licensed and reputable contractor for the job. Here are four ways you can spot a dishonest roofer.

1. Door to Door

Some roofers go from door to door asking for business. This is not something a legitimate roofing company in McKinney TX does. If a roofer is at your door wanting to fix your roof (and you did not call him), you should consider avoiding this business.

2. Payment in Advance

If you get a roofing estimate and the roofer wants the money upfront, this is not a good sign. Legitimate roofers do not ask you for the money before the job gets finished. When someone wants payment first, there is a good chance they are thinking about taking your money and running. Also, beware of contractors asking for “cash payments only.”

3. Unprofessional

When a contractor comes to your home to give you an estimate, check out how he is dressed and the vehicle he drives. A trusted roofing company in McKinney TX has neat and well-dressed people. They drive vehicles with the company logo in plain sight. If your roofing contractor is dressed poorly and drives an old rundown truck or car, you should check closer into his credentials.

4. Very Low Estimates

A very low estimate for roof work is usually a sign something is wrong. For example, if one contractor quotes you a price and another, quotes you a price half as much, one is either overcharging or a scammer. Get another estimate when you have large discrepancies in the prices. This gives you the best outcome.

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