Metal recyling in NJ is Doing Just Fine, Thank You for Asking

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Recycling has been a hot button with many people in recent years. Aluminum cans get saved and put in the recycling bin; others may also recycle plastic bottles and newspapers. Governments at all levels have been alternately hot and cold on recycling, depending on the issues of the day. Metal recycling, however, is nothing new. All through human history, scarce resources, especially metal, have forced people to reuse whatever they could.

Those working in the metal recycling industry should be generally recognized as the most effective recyclers in the world. Yet, even today, their contributions are generally unrecognized. People don’t look at a towering pile of scrap steel and think ‘recycling’. However, recycled steel is used in the production of 42% of all crude steel. It takes far less energy to use recycled metal to make a new product than it does to locate and mine new metal. Aluminum recycling is so successful that two-thirds of all of the aluminum ever mined is still being used today.

Metal recycling in NJ is performed by both small and large companies. The largest companies use state-of-the-art equipment that is able to efficiently process both ferrous (metals containing iron) and non-ferrous metals. Supplying and picking up containers of varying sizes to contractors and others for scrap pickup is an additional service offered by large metal recyclers in NJ. These container services are responsible for the recycling of a large volume of material that would not otherwise be recycled. Economies of scale prevent many metal recycling firms from supplying containers of all sizes. Some metal recycling companies are also capable of on-site processing of scrap metal.

Many of the businesses in the metal recycling industry are family owned and operated. The Silipena family founded and operates two large companies, American Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc. in Vineland, NJ and American Iron & Metal International, LLC in Millville, NJ. These businesses efficiently perform Metal recycling in NJ. They also offer containers of varying sizes to Pennsylvania and Delaware as well as to New Jersey. The largely unsung metal recycling industry has done much to improve the quality of life for everyone by recycling such massive amounts of metal.

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