Best Concrete Ready Mix in Benton Harbor

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Whether you’re looking for decorative concrete for your patio or regular Ready Mix in Benton Harbor for your driveway, Peterman Concrete has got you covered. They have been in the business of providing people with concrete products since 1982, and there is no stopping in the future. Peterman Concrete sells their products in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, South Haven, Benton Harbor, and St. Joseph.

Along with Ready Mix in Benton Harbor and decorative concrete, the company also offers packaged goods in the form of mortar, cement, and quick set concrete patch material. They have premixed supplies of mortar, sand, gravel, baby sand and silica sand. They also have aggregates, crushed concrete and blocks, all in different sizes and styles. Anything that you could want for your concrete needs, they can offer you.

Decorative concrete Benton Harbor is exactly what it sounds like; concrete that is used to fulfill decorative needs rather than structural. It can be used to enhance a structure, and it can also be used as part of the structure itself. Some of the more popular uses for decorative concrete are patios and driveways, floors, walls, counter tops, pool decks, and other structural accessories. The method used for creating decorative concrete is called stamping. With this method, the concrete is poured and placed the same way traditional concrete is. A color hardener is then applied and worked into the concrete, and after it’s smoothed down, a releasing agent is applied. The pattern is then stamped into the concrete, and with a few finishing touches and finishing coats, you’ll have a beautifully stamped decorative bit of concrete!

Just like decorative concrete, ready mix concrete is exactly what it sounds like. It’s concrete that is manufactured in a factory and delivered to a distributor already mixed in the perfect recipe and ready to pour. This type of concrete is usually preferred on construction sites because it’s a big time-saver to not have to mix the concrete when you’re on site.

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