Manage Your Lawn With Professional Spokane Tree Removal Service

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Landscaping

Taking good care of your home and lawn is very important in the struggle for keeping the value of your property as high as possible. To that end there are many things that you can do or have done for you. For instance, keeping the shrubs, hedges and trees on your property properly trimmed reduces the amount of debris that accumulates in the yard. Plus, trimming back any dead limbs or foliage is useful in reducing the chance of plant disease or rot. Unfortunately, trimming back your shrubs or trees may not eliminate the problem and you may have to opt for Spokane Tree Removal instead.

You may find you need tree removal for a number of different reasons including damage from severe winds, tornadoes and hurricanes. In fact, heavy storms can cause a variety of damages including washing away the supporting soil around the base of the tree. In certain cases a tree can die if the root ball is left exposed too long. They can also die if the root system is flooded and the excess water has no where to go. Thankfully, both of these problems are fairly rare.

Another possible problem occurs when the homeowner has plans for construction or expansion. In many cases these plans will require expanding the building’s foundation or laying a new foundation depending on the project’s requirements. Unfortunately, if a tree is in the way it will need to be removed or eliminated. The easiest way to deal with this particular situation is to cut the tree down and then grind out the stump. However, there is an alternative for those folks who hate to lose a tree, transplantation.

One of the advantages of hiring a professional Spokane Tree Removal service is the ability to have a tree dug out of the ground and transplanted in a new location. When the job is handled properly the tree suffers no long term damage and will be able to provide many years of enjoyment in it’s new location. Of course, there are some limitations when transplanting a tree. For instance, large trees are hard to move without damaging them and the trees need to be in a dormant state for best results. You can learn more about tree removal and transplantation from an expert like Spokane ProCare. Visit Their Facebook profile to learn more!

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