Maintaining Your Vehicle With Help From The Peterbilt Parts Store

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Your car or truck is likely one of the most important investments in your possession in addition to your home. With that in mind it’s vital that you do everything you can to protect your investment. If you’re like most people you probably use your vehicle everyday, and this is what causes a lot of wear and tear. In this case, maintenance is very important.

For instance, brake pads are one of the main parts to cause problems for a vehicle. The first sign of bad brake pads is a high pitched shrieking noise that’s made every time you come to a stop. This noise is very noticeable and distracting, and will only get louder as the problem progresses. At this point you’re going to want to check the brake fluid and make sure that the supply is full. Brake fluid allows the brakes to clamp and stop without excess friction. If there’s plenty of fluid, then it’s probably the brakes themselves. Brakes wear out over time and it might be simply time to replace them. The Peterbilt Parts Store has plenty of brake pad replacements.

Tires are another concern for vehicles. Over time tires begin to wear down and need to be replaced. How can you tell if you need new tires? Simply take a look at the tread of your tires. The treads of the tire allow it to grip the roads and gives you more control over the vehicle. All tires have treads with different depths. As you drive, and the tire wears out, these treads start to become thinner and thinner, which gives you less control of the vehicle. If you notice the treads are starting to disappear, it’s time to have your tires replaced with new tires from Truck Parts and Equipment Inc.

How’s the power steering on your vehicle? Some people have problems with steering their vehicle because of a lack of power steering fluid. This fluid is very important because it helps the power steering to operate the vehicle. This fluid needs to be replaced every once in awhile. Why? For starters, it helps to prolong the components of your steering system. Second of all, the fluid becomes contaminated over time due to minor breakage in various components. Contaminated fluid can cause your vehicle’s steering pump to work more than it should. The Peterbilt Parts Store has steering fluid various vehicles.

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