Maintain Your Vehicle Safety with Great Brake Service

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

One of the most important safety features on your car is the brakes. This is a system to slow and stop your vehicle. If they are not kept in good working order, they can fail. This can cause a very dangerous and potential deadly situation. It is of the utmost importance to ensure your brakes are properly functioning. Great Brake Service can assist with the maintenance and repairs you need to keep you brakes working when you need them.

The brakes of a car are used to slow and stop your vehicle. This is done by a pad or shoe being pressed against drum or rotor of a wheel. This causes friction to slow and stop the wheel from moving. The brake pads or shoes are often made of a material that can withstand heat. This helps to prevent the brakes from getting too hot and locking up. This material of the pads and shoes wears out over time. This requires them to be replaced regularly. If not replaced, they can wear out completely. This can cause damage to the rotor or drum. It can also diminish the braking ability of your car.

By applying pressure to the brake pedal of the vehicle, this causes the hydraulic brake system to make the pad or shoe apply the needed pressure for slowing or stopping. The hydraulic system needed to move the pads and shoes needs maintained, as well. There must always be a proper level of clean brake fluid for them to function properly. Without the proper levels of fluid, it is difficult to get the pressure needed to apply the brakes. It is important to watch for leaks and issues in the brake lines. When checking the fluid, it is important to be sure no debris has entered. This debris can cause severe damage to the hydraulic system.

Changes in the way your brakes feel or work can be a sign of needed repair. Squealing noises can indicate brake pads or shoes are becoming worn. Changed tension in the brake pedal can indicate an issue with fluid levels. Any change in the way your brakes work should be checked. A company, such as Drake’s Brakes, can inspect and repair your brakes. With Great Brake Service, you can be assured that your brakes are functioning properly.

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