Maintain and Repair Your Furnace Muskegon to Keep Your Home Warm and Comfortable

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Maintain and Repair Your Furnace Muskegon to Keep Your Home Warm and Comfortable

In areas like Muskegon, MI, where the winters can get pretty harsh you need a reliable heating system. Half measures such as portable heating units may be useful in cellars or garages which are often difficult to heat, but they can never compare to the warmth and efficiency of a full scale Furnace Muskegon. However, having a furnace installed is only part of the task. Your furnace needs to be properly maintained and needs a yearly cleaning and checkup for best performance.

As the owner of the furnace your maintenance requirements are a little limited. You can clean the filter or replace it as required for your particular unit. You should also attempt to clean the A/C coil in the central portion of the system if your furnace is part of a HVAC system. Deeper cleaning is usually included in the yearly maintenance your Furnace Muskegon should have.

There is a reason for this cleaning requirement. As the air circulates through your home it picks up dust and debris which can be very flammable. This stuff will build up on the heating element of electric units or in the burning chamber of gas based furnaces. In some cases this debris will simply leave a bad smell as it is burned away, but in others it could lead to a disaster. For example, the debris could block the gas flow causing the burner to not light properly. This situation could lead to an explosion if the pilot system sparks the fuel afterward.

Even the best furnaces need repair sometimes. For example, thermostats break down or blower motors can die. Likewise, the pilot system or automatic switches in the unit can fail. In most cases there are no user serviceable components inside your furnace and if you don’t know what you are doing you might actually cause more damage than you started with. Considering that many furnace systems operate on natural gas it is always best to leave such repairs to the professionals. This is one of the reasons that companies like Refrigeration Heating & Cooling offer their new customers a discount on their first service call.