Litigating Automobile Accidents In Allentown, PA

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Automobile Accidents in Allentown PA are among the chief causes for personal injuries in the state. Unfortunately, they are often the result of poor judgment and a conscious choice to violate traffic laws. Pennsylvania is classified as a no-fault state, in which all drivers involved in the accident are obligated by law to file a claim with their own insurance carrier. However, in extreme accidents, these policies do not cover all the victim’s expenses.

Litigation For Personal Injuries

Although the state imposes steep penalties for drivers who fail to fulfill their financial responsibilities, non-compliant drivers continue to cause accidents. When these occurrences lead to severe and permanent injuries, an attorney may step in and file a lawsuit on behalf of the victim. These injuries include permanent disabilities, which could prevent the victim from working and disfigurement.

Drivers who incur DUI charges after Automobile Accidents in Allentown PA may be deemed responsible for medical and automobile repair costs. If a fatality occurred, the civil court may order him or her to pay restitution to the victim’s family. The amount required is at the judge’s discretion; however, the victim’s attorney will present calculated values to include medical costs and care for children who were orphaned as a result of this death.

Wrongful-death litigation is another avenue in which families can demand compensation. In these cases, the defendant could be required to cover funeral costs, attorney fees, and monetary damages for pain and suffering. Tort laws in Pennsylvania allow claimants to petition the court for mental anguish that resulted from a fatality that is deemed wrongful due to avoidable circumstances.

Traffic violations such as reckless driving, speeding, and DUI are among the most commonly implied occurrences which could have been prevented. Criminal charges that apply to these cases are based on the series of events that led to the fatality. For instance, a DUI-related accident could be identified as involuntary manslaughter depending on the blood-alcohol content of the driver at the time of the accident. A Personal Injury Attorney in Allentown, PA can assist victims in navigating civil cases against the individual who actually caused the accident and ultimately, the fatality.

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