Let an Experienced Automobile Accident Attorney in Surprise, AZ Fight for Just Compensation for You

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Let an Experienced Automobile Accident Attorney in Surprise, AZ Fight for Just Compensation for You

Any driver can remember how important it was to get their first driving license. A driving license represents freedom and coming of age. It means no longer having to depend on mom for rides. This is why a 16th birthday is eagerly anticipated.

Is a 16 year-old really old enough to drive? That question has been debated for many years. After all, 21 is the legal drinking age; and although someone can join the military as young as 17, parental permission is required. So, why should a 16 year-old be considered mature enough to drive a car weighing over a ton on the public roads?
In 2000, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published a report investigating the reasons why 16 became the generally accepted minimum age in the United States for obtaining a driving license. Europe and Australia have decided that 17 or 18 is a more appropriate age. It’s well known that young drivers, especially in their first year, have the highest crash rate. However, in the U.S., the age at which one can get a license has not been historically considered to be a safety issue. Attempts to raise the driving age have usually met with considerable resistance.

Arizona has adopted a graduated driver license policy. A teen must have held an Arizona instruction permit for a minimum of 6 months before applying for a graduated driving license. The teen must have also completed satisfactorily an MVD-approved driver education program or have parents certify that their child has had a minimum of 30 hours of supervised driving.

When a parent or guardian signs the minor’s application for a license or permit, they are accepting responsibility for any damage caused by negligence or willful misconduct. Parents are on notice that if their child is in an accident because the young driver was speeding, drinking, etc., they are considered to be equally responsible. Giving in to a teen’s nagging for a license when parents feel that the teen is too immature to drive can prove to be a very foolish and expensive decision. Just ask an automobile accident attorney in Surprise, AZ.

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