Leave Your Math Skills Behind When You Are Trying Determine The Best Air Conditioning Services In Sarasota, FL

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

You really can leave the calculator at the door when it is time to buy a new HVAC, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, unit for your home. Sometimes a savvy salesperson will try to get you to purchase a bigger unit than you need or is even good for your home so be wise before shopping around. It is always best to get a little knowledge beforehand about a product, especially one that can be as expensive as an HVAC unit for the home. Also, consider what type of air conditioning services in Sarasota FL are offered with the purchase of any new equipment.

Why it may be easy to get confused when you are discussing the size requirement for your home is because there are in fact many numbers to consider. One number is the SEER rating on the equipment. The higher the SEER number the higher the efficiency of the model you want. SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Typically a home energy saving option that many government programs offer start at anything over a 14 SEER rating, but check with your local jurisdictions to make sure this qualifies in your area.

Another number that can throw customers off is how big of a unit to buy for a home. In this case, while you don’t need to how the energy industry comes up with the BTU’s, or British thermal units, it is important to know how many are needed for the square footage of home you own. In this case, size really does matter. It is not necessary to buy a unit that will overpower a home and certainly a smaller unit will have a unit working too hard to produce the type of comfortable air you want on a consistent basis.

On the other hand, to revisit the idea that a bigger unit is not necessary is because you want to produce a normal or comfortable temperature in the home and have that maintained. When you have a bigger unit and the house does cool faster initially it will have not done so moderately and you will still have the moisture in the air. There are common number BTU’s that are recommended as long as you visit a sales company with air conditioning services in Sarasota FL that know what they are doing.

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