Learning Eligibility Requirements From A Workers Comp Lawyer In Rochester, NY

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Monroe County laws provide a Workers Comp Lawyer in Rochester NY with eligibility requirements. The guidelines require them to submit valid proof of the victim’s employment with the designated company. He or she acquires evidence that specifies why county laws require the company to carry workers compensation insurance. And the attorney offers proof that the injury is work-related. Valid proof is required to substantiate these facts in court. The lawyer provides all evidence of entitlement in the claim.

Verification of Employment

Monroe County laws require the victim to provide verification of employment. A notarized statement is substantial. The human resources department provides the document and provides a starting date for employment. The termination date is required if the employer dismisses him or her from their job. The court requires a reason for this dismissal to rule out wrongful termination.

Insurance Requirements

Companies that are not a one-person operation are required to carry and maintain workers compensation insurance. Any company that hires employees without acquiring this insurance coverage is breaking the law and subject to fines. The laws apply to any for-profit company that utilizes employees, non-paid volunteers or family members that assist in company operations. Your employer must present documentation that provides proof of compliance with these laws.

Work-related Injuries

The last eligibility requirement for these benefits is that the injury was work-related. Evidence must exist to show that you sustained the injury while performing job duties. Proof is obtainable through video surveillance, witness testimony, and medical findings. For example, a factory accident that was caused due to faulty equipment requires work-specific evidence. To present this evidentiary support, the medical findings would define the wounds or injuries as consistent with a machinery-based injury.

Victims consult a Workers Comp Lawyer in Rochester NY, after a denial of these benefits. The attorney outlines eligibility by providing evidence that shows compliance with Monroe County guidelines. Next, he or she examines evidentiary support to establish that proof is available to show that the injuries occurred in the workplace. The attorney files the worker’s compensation claim in court after a viable injury case is established. To know more Click Here.

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