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Do you have a tooth that has a lot of decay or is infected? If so, getting therapy Root Canal in Rochester Hills will enable you to have a tooth that is functional and healthy. A root of a tooth contains a space called a root canal. Since a tooth can have more than one root, it can have more than one root canal. Likewise, an individual root can have more than one root canal. The root canal system itself contains one or more root canals and the pulp chamber. Both are filled with dental pulp, which is living connective tissue vital to the integrity of the entire tooth. Understanding the anatomy of a tooth will help you comprehend the procedures involved in root canal treatment.

There are some signs that are indicative of the need for root canal therapy. If a tooth is discolored, it may be a sign that the tooth needs to be checked out. Also, swelling or tenderness in the gums around the tooth can indicate the presence of an infection. Damage to a tooth can cause inflammation of the gums, including redness and even bleeding. In addition, having a severe toothache for a long period of time means the tooth needs to be examined by a qualified dentist or other health care practitioner Rochester Hills such as an endodentist.

The first step in treating an infected or decaying tooth is a physical examination. This will include an x-ray to see if the root canal is affected. A dentist may use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. Next, a hole will be drilled into the tooth to gain access to the root canal system. From here, different techniques will be applied according to the type of injury to the tooth. The tooth will need to be cleaned out and sealed in one or more visits to restore functionality to the tooth.

A root canal should not require extensive time off work. Once the tooth is cleaned, you should not feel any pain. If you do however, your dentist can prescribe a medication or recommend an over-the-counter medicine. It’s advisable to not chew on the site of the root canal for a day or so. Also, follow all instructions so your tooth can heal properly. Armed with these details, Click Here to read about additional information.

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