Land Surveying in Jackson, MS Is an Essential Component Of an Engineering Project

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Civil engineers perform a number of essential jobs involved in designing, constructing and maintaining structures and roads, bridges and dams. Civil engineers provide services in such areas as land and residential subdivision development, waste water treatment projects and highway and bridge construction. Some of the most important tasks an engineering firm may do is land development and land surveying. Civil engineering plays an important role in determining how a specific tract of land can be used or if the use planned for a certain area is feasible.

Surveying is an important initial step in designing a tract of land for its intended use, whether that will be a residential neighborhood, an individual home, a highway overpass or a large municipal airport. In the US, surveyors are generally professionals distinct from civil engineers with their own courses of study and accreditation, although the coursework closely parallels that of civil engineers. Land surveyors work closely with civil engineers and contractors in designing and developing land use plans in terms of where structures will be sited and roads will be laid. Land surveying in Jackson, MS can be done by engineering professionals such as those employed by O’Neal-Bond Engineering, who have received basic training in surveying, mapping and the use of geographical information systems.

Some of the specific jobs a surveyor working with a civil engineering firm may be asked to do include doing topographical surveys to determine what kinds of natural contours and man-made features already exist that will have an impact on land development. Flood plain and elevation surveys are essential when planning any kind of construction, whether it’s for residences or roadways. Cell tower site surveys are increasingly in demand as consumers expect instantaneous and uninterrupted wireless communications. This wide variety of needs calls for experts who provide the information civil engineers must have before continuing with important public and private projects.

Whether a private company or a public entity is building a residential dwelling, a shopping mall, an interstate highway connector or a major hospital, a land survey must be done correctly at the start of the project before any work can progress. Land surveying in Jackson, MS done by either a dedicated land surveying company or by engineers employed by an engineering firm, will help the developer complete a crucial step in his project.

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