Keep Your Home Warm With a Heating Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Staying warm during cold winter storms is a necessity, but keeping your home warm requires properly functioning heating equipment. However, furnaces and boilers usually require a routine Heating Service in Charlottesville, Virginia to keep them functioning properly. For example, to ensure the burner lights properly it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the fuel supply line tested. Likewise, regulator systems should be checked for proper fuel flow and blower fans need to be cleaned so the most amount of air will flow through the ducts.

Along with a simple Heating Service in Charlottesville, Virginia most contractors provide a maintenance plan that covers other services and benefits. For instance, the cleaning and maintenance of other comfort appliances or routine inspection and repairs of the home’s ventilation and ductwork. A leaking duct or one where the joints have come apart is simply allowing the heated air to flow into spaces it isn’t expected or required. In some instances this can result in hot spots in the home as the extra heat builds up in the floor or attic areas.

Perhaps the most important Heating Service from Fitch Services of Charlottesville, Virginia is the possible repairs they can make when your furnace fails. A failing furnace in the dead of winter can be a dangerous appliance. Death from exposure to cold is the most likely outcome, but even catching a cold from freezing conditions is too much of a problem to consider. Furnaces fail for various reasons and those failures will depend on the type of furnace involved. For example, an electric furnace uses a heating coil that heats the air using electrical resistance. Over time this coil can weaken and break requiring a replacement for the furnace to function again.

The best way to ensure your heating system is ready for winter is to have a contractor like Fitch Services clean and inspect it. Whenever a problem is found it is in your best interest to have that problem repaired as quickly as possible by someone skilled in furnace repairs. Cutting corners on your heating equipment is the surest way to have that equipment fail when you need it the most.

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