Keep Your Home Warm All Winter With Heating Repairs in Huntersville, NC

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

When your central heating in Huntersville, NC breaks down the main thing on your mind is finding a quick solution to get you out of the cold. Unfortunately, getting a quick fix is not always the best solution to your problems. Easy repair solutions often overlook the real cause of the failure in the effort to get the heat functioning quickly. For example, many heating problems are caused by the thermostat failing to cycle properly. Replacing the thermostat will usually fix the problem for a while, but what actually caused the excessive cycling of the system?

Modern furnace systems are extremely complex pieces of equipment with a variety of electronics that are used to keep the system very efficient. These newer electronic components make Heating Repairs in Huntersville, NC non-trivial task. Along with the usual cleaning and testing of the gas supply the heating specialist must also be able to test the forced air system for proper function of any electronic controls.

These control interfaces affect a variety of systems in the furnace. The most obvious of these are the thermostat and temperature control sub-systems that automate the heat cycling and blower motors. Electronics also control the fuel flow rate and ignition control mechanisms to ensure the heater burns it’s fuel properly and that the ignition system operates at exactly the right time to burn that fuel.

Modern furnaces are a marvel of timing and efficiency when compared to older models. Early furnace systems used a simple pilot light for igniting the fuel source and a mechanical timer to ensure the fuel flowed into the chamber when required. While these systems were pretty reliable they almost always required a full replacement whenever the furnace required Heating Repairs in Huntersville, NC.

Modern central heating systems tend to be more modular. This method of design allows for easier repair since the technician can simply replace the failing components instead of troubleshooting the whole system. Plus, modular components make it easier and cheaper for manufacturers to deliver newer models of similar equipment. Understanding the advantages of modern heating equipment requires a dedicated company like Air Dynamics MS, LLC. who are willing to put any effort required into providing the information their customers demand. For example,

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