Keep Your Home and Family Clean and Healthy With Water Heaters Southaven

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Hot water heaters are one of those appliances that every house must have, but most homeowners don’t think much about until they fail. The complexity of this particular appliance will depend on it’s size, design and fuel use. For example, the electric water heater is reasonably simple, consisting of the tank, one or more heating elements and a thermostatic control to activate the heating elements when required. The gas based system can be more complex simply because the heating method requires a fuel supply be piped in.

Gas fueled water heaters Southaven work differently from electric water heaters. The hot water is generated by burning a flame outside the tank that heats the tank itself. The heat is transferred from the tank to the water. The temperature of the water will be tested occasionally to ensure it remains in the proper range and when heating is required the ignition system will light the burner. Unlike electric systems that burn no fuel locally, the gas based water heater needs an exhaust system installed to ensure the fumes ventilate properly.

Keeping water heaters Southaven in good working condition requires some regular maintenance and an occasional repair or two. For example, if you live in an area with hard water you may want to have the tank flushed out periodically. Many plumbers recommend this procedure to keep the lime from building up inside the tank and on the fittings. Flushing the scale deposits before they become too large makes it possible to keep your water tasting better as well as improving your ability to heat it. Since the heat is transferred with a gas based tank the scale buildup on the bottom can slow and reduce the heating process in that type of tank. In electric water heaters the scale can build around the heating elements reducing their efficiency and causing them to fail.

Installation of a hot water heater can be a tough task depending on where the tank is located. For example, if the tank is in the attic it may also be stored behind rafters or bracing making it difficult to access. If the tank is in the basement or cellar it will need to be carried up a set of stairs which will require emptying the tank first. To keep these problems to a minimum you should go online to check website of a quality contractor like Drain Go Plumbing.

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