It’s Very Important To Get Good Eye Care in Lawrence, KS

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Eye care

Good eyesight is something you should not take for granted. If you have ever injured one of your eyes, you are aware of how important your eyes are to you. You will realize how much you rely on your eyes when you don’t have the use of one of your eyes. Those of you who have had the experience of injuring the eye, such as scratching the eye, and having to wear a patch over your eye while it heals will understand this.

One way of taking care of your eyes is to make sure you see an optometrist once every two years. By using the Eye Care in Lawrence KS and having examinations done, you’ll know if anything is developing which could affect your eyes. You need to find an optometrist to go to on a regular basis, and if you live in Lawrence it might be a good idea to check out the office of Curtis R. Anderseon O.D. This way you’ll have someone to keep an eye on your eyes.

When you go to the optometrist, you’ll take an eye test to find out how your vision is doing. You’ll also take a test to find out if you have glaucoma. Your optometrist will check your eyes for cataracts, a common problem as you get older. The whole visit won’t take very long, and after you’ve done it you’ll wonder what took you so long to get it done. It’s a very simple and painless examination and once you’ve done it, you don’t have to worry about it for another two years. If you need glasses, the doctor can tell you and you’ll be given a prescription for a pair of glasses. If you prefer contact lenses, you can go that route as well. Some people even opt for Lasik surgery to correct their vision challenges. This way you won’t have to wear glasses, except for sunglasses. And speaking of sunglasses, make sure the sunglasses you get are UV protected so that the sun won’t damage your eyes.

Stop putting off your optometrist visit and get it done now. Make an appointment today. Your vision isn’t something you want to ignore. Get in touch with an Eye Care in Lawrence, KS specialist and do it today.

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