Is it Time to Take Your Car to a Junk Yard in Lehigh Acres FL?

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Most people are familiar with the advice to never buy a brand new car. Buying used cars that are in good condition is much easier on your wallet, and, if you are buying smart, will provide you with a reliable vehicle for years to come. However, knowing when the cost of maintaining your old vehicle will outweigh the cost of getting a used one that is in good condition is a valuable skill. While the cost of current repairs may be less than that of buying a newer used vehicle, there is a point where your old junker will pass that slippery slope, needing costly repairs again and again.

There are a few signs that may indicate that your car is going to cost more than it’s worth. Conventional wisdom says that it is time to replace a car when you are paying more to keep it on the road each year than the market value of the car itself. If your care is worth $4500 and it is costing you $6000 a year to keep it running, why not junk it and upgrade to a newer model? You have basically two options at this point: maintaining the car at a net value of $-1500, or “selling” (junking) the vehicle for a net cost of $0. Obviously junking it would be the better option in this situation.

When you are looking to take your car to a Junk Yard in Lehigh Acres FL, it is always best to find a way to get some return on the scrap metal that the junk yard gets from your vehicle. There are some junk yards that will purchase your junked vehicle whether it is operational or not. This actually gives you the advantage of making some profit where normally you would be losing money by repairing the vehicle. Some services will even haul the broken vehicle from your property for no cost to you. These junk yard in Lehigh Acres FL provide you with the best option to get rid of a vehicle that is no longer operational, and to get back some of the money that you have put into repairing it.

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