International Moving Companies – Services Offered for Charlotte NC Residents

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Moving Companies

Relocation companies throughout the United States provide services for moving individuals around the world by the means of trained and experienced personnel and valuable resources. The services are delivered with skill by international moving companies. Charlotte NC is served by companies that provide a specific range of services on behalf of customers to complete these long-range relocations efficiently.

International Relocation Services
Carrying out long distance moves within the borders of the United States has its own challenges. However, carrying out international relocations can include an entirely new set of challenges. Some of the services offered by international moving companies to effectively carry out these types of relocations include:

 * Personal move management
 * Full or partial packing/unpacking
 * Short-term and long-term storage
 * Custom-designed move planning
 * Property protection
 * Free move preparation packet
 * Crating and specialty packing
 * Online move tracking
 * Valuation coverage and claims management
 * Air, ocean and/or land transportation
 * Debris removal
 * Freight forwarding
 * Export or import documentation
 * Customs clearance and destination services

Other Customs Clearance Information
Moving companies are required under established regulations to have a specific number of audits of their processes and facilities per year. These established audits or required as a result of the customs trade partnership against terrorism program instituted by the Department of Homeland Security. These audits are performed without notification of the course of the year to help make sure relocation companies are providing reliable services with regards to the customs process.

Destination Services
Moving to a new country, whether it is your first time or subsequent time, can be quite challenging with regards to the adjustment in transition required. Experience International moving companies Charlotte NC can provide destination services that assist international moving customers with becoming acquainted and familiar with their new home. Some of these services include:

 * Orientation
 * Social security and driver’s license assistance
 * Move-in inspection assistance
 * Pre-decision consultation
 * Home purchase assistance
 * Full-service home finding
 * Escorted rental touring
 * Preview program/familiarization touring
 * Cost of living analysis (COLA)
 * Settling in assistance
 * Departure services
 * Lease signing assistance

The list of services provided by international moving companies address various aspects of such a long distance and often complicated move. If you are ready to move forward planning your international relocation, obtain the services of a skilled mover with international relocation experience.

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