Inspection Tips for Real Estate in Moorhead MN

by | May 14, 2013 | Real Estate

Searching for real estate in Moorhead MN can be frustrating and exciting, but you can cut some of the frustration by giving special attention to certain areas when looking at a potential home. If you carefully look at the property now, there will be no ‘surprises’ later. Below are the five areas to inspect when shopping for your next home.

The Electrical System

Most people assume that a newer home’s electrical system is problem-free, but that is not always the case. Electrical issues often go unseen until after the sale; when doing an inspection of a potential home, be sure to ask an electrician to check its wiring, fixtures and circuit breaker.

The Foundation

Even a newer home’s foundation can show signs of trouble long before they become readily clear. When inspecting a home, look closely at the exterior, taking notice of any cracks. Windows that fail to open and close correctly could be a sign of a shifting foundation, as can cracks on interior walls. In some cases, certain trees planted too close to the home can cause damage to its foundation.

Plumbing System

Plumbing problems are often difficult to spot and expensive to fix. Mold can form underneath sinks, causing health issues. Be sure to inspect sinks and plumbing fixtures for cracks, which allow water to get behind and underneath the sink. If your potential home has a septic system, inspect the drain field for root intrusion.

The Attic

A home’s attic can tell a lot about its upkeep and construction. If you’re looking at an older home and the attic has new insulation, it was likely replaced due to water damage. It is also easy to inspect the inside of the roof by climbing into the attic.

Home Landscaping

There should be a minimum of a 12″ buffer between any landscaping and your home to prevent cracks in the foundation. If landscaping is too close to the home, water and soil make the foundation expand. When there is no water, the area contracts, causing damage.

Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Before making that investment, you should enlist the help of a real estate professional in Moorhead MN.

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