Injuries and the Accident Attorney in Phoenix

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Proving that the injuries sustained by a victim were caused from an accident is very important to the Accident Attorney in Phoenix. If the Accident Attorney is not able to prove this, then the client will not be entitled to any compensation other than property damage. As a result, accident lawyers in Phoenix spend a lot of time on medical reports, medical bills, and other injury related matters. Although clients may feel like that the attorney is spending a lot of time in this area, it is very important since it’s a critical part of getting compensation for accident victims.

First of all, the Accident Attorney in Phoenix needs clients to submit all medical bills that are related to injuries sustained in the accident. Without the medical bills, the attorney will not be able to add those amounts to the lawsuit. Furthermore, almost all health insurance policies require medical expenses that result in personal injury settlements be repaid to the insurer. That is why it is so important for clients to send copies of medical bills to the attorney.

At the same time, the accident lawyer has to prove that the injuries were caused by the defendant’s negligence rather than some other accident or medical condition. If the victim does not have a history of similar injuries, it may be very easy to prove that the injuries resulted from the defendant’s negligence. On the other hand, a victim with an extensive medical history may find that insurance company lawyers will challenge the cause of every injury. In order to refute these challenges, the attorney may need to hire expert eyewitnesses or have the client examined by a doctor who works on accident cases.

Until physicians can determine how long it will take for the victim to achieve maximum recovery from the accident injuries, most lawyers will prefer not to settle early. Once a case is settled, no further compensation is possible even if further injuries caused by the accident are discovered. That is why some personal injury cases can take years to resolve.

Although some clients would prefer attorneys to spend more time proving the defendant caused the accident, it is still very important for lawyers to prove that the injuries were caused by the accident. If injuries are not proven to be caused by the defendant, the victim will get very little compensation even if the defendant is proved to be 100% negligent. For more info, visit Law Office of Jay A Bansal.




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