Information About Emancipation in Sullivan, Indiana

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are seeking emancipation in Sullivan, Indiana or you are trying to help a friend or family member who is under 18 and who wishes to become emancipated in Indiana, it is very important to get qualified legal help right away. As you may learn from browsing on the Internet, the emancipation laws in the state of Indiana can be rather complicated and difficult to understand. The Indiana legal code referring to emancipation does cover many circumstances in which emancipation may be possible, but ultimately the decision about whether or not a minor’s bid for emancipation is acceptable or not will be up to a judge. A skilled attorney is able to help the minor prove all the points that the judge deciding on the emancipation outcome will want to see. Below you can read about some of the things that the court will want to see before an emancipation can be granted.

The first, and most obvious, part of an emancipation is the wishes of the minor. To petition for emancipation, the minor must wish to be out of parental control and must not require any further parental protection, support, or control. The court will want for the minor to demonstrate an understanding of what being emancipated truly means. Thus, your attorney will be focusing on proving to the judge that you are able function effectively without your parents and that you fully grasp all the consequences and potential future consequence of becoming emancipated.

Another important part of getting an emancipation in Sullivan, Indiana is proving that you can provide for yourself. Your attorney will obtain the necessary paperwork and documentation that shows you have sufficient income to take care of yourself without any help from your parents. Of course, having enough money coming in to care for yourself right now will not be enough proof of ability to support yourself in most cases of emancipation, so your attorney at Feavel Law Office will help you draft an “independent living” plan to present to the judge. The independent living plan will detail how you plan to take care of yourself now and for the future, and will reassure the judge that you are ready to become a self sustaining adult.

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