Information about AC Repair in Katy, TX

August, 2014 by Alma Abell

Air conditioners are very vital appliances every modern home should have. Just like any other man-made system, they are prone to breakdown. Not every homeowner is an expert in air conditioning repair, but in the summer you want your AC to work efficiently. You can check these tips before you call the AC repair in Katy, TX contractors. Below are easy fix tips that can save you money, time and sweat.

AC Repair When It Fails To Run

1. Ensure that the outlet’s voltage meets the requirements the air conditioner needs
2. Check if the plug is loose
3. Check that the fuse or circuit breaker did not trip

AC Repair When the Air Flow Is Not Cool Enough

1. Check whether the filter is unclogged and clean
2. Check the settings
3. Find out if there is an open door or window
4. Confirm whether the unit is blocked from outside

Other Air Conditioning Problems

The plugged-in unit may fail to run; this means that the power cord should be replaced. Only the professional AC repair contractors can change the cord as there is a great risk of electrocution or fire from the improperly-installed.

If the condenser coils are dirty, this could lead to system failure. It leads to frosting of the coils on the unit. The professional AC repair contractor can take the front unit apart and service it.

A humming sound from your AC is also common, it is likely that when it happens there is a broken fan motor. You need to call an expert to replace it.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Taking good care of your AC will increase its longevity and keep it working effectively. Many of the room-size conditioners have debris and dust buildup in the filter and require regular cleaning. Without cleaning the filters may get clogged, hampering the airflow and circulating dirt, dust and allergens.

Some of the air conditioning units have reusable filters that require weekly cleaning, while others have disposable filters that need to be replaced after certain duration of time.

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