Important Considerations When Browsing Garage Door Opener Sales in Bonita Springs

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

A garage door is designed to make it easy for you to enter and leave your home and keep your car safe and out of the elements. If you need a new garage door for your home, you should consider going to garage door opener sales in Bonita Springs. It can save you money and help you afford a nicer garage door opener than you might have thought possible. Before you rush out, you should have a basic knowledge of what you need from your garage door so you can choose a make and model that will meet your needs. Don’t make buying the perfect garage door complicated, when a little research can make it easy and stress free.


The horsepower rating of a garage door opener determines how much power it exerts when lifting your door. If you have a large garage door, then more horsepower may help it last longer by not over stressing it during operation. For smaller garage doors, a large horsepower unit can help decrease the amount of time it takes for your door to open. Consider what you need so you get a unit that will offer the power you expect.

Type of Drive Train

Garage doors can have a chain or screw drive-train. While a chain is more common and more affordable, a screw drive-train operates more quietly and more reliably. Don’t settle for a cheap chain, when you can make your garage door more efficient and more pleasant to use by opting for a unit that operates on a screw drive-train.

Additional Accessories

There are a great deal of accessories you can choose to buy when you are at garage door opener sales in Bonita Springs. While most openers come with a standard remote, you can also choose to have motion sensors installed or an exterior key pad. All of these accessories are designed to make your garage door more convenient for you and your entire family to use.

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