If You Want to Deal Successfully With a DUI Charge The Get the DUI Defense Reading PA

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are facing a DUI charge, you need an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately. If a person is stopped for suspicion of DUI, this person doesn’t have to say anything. This is a constitutional right under the 5th amendment. However, in the trauma of the moment with a flashlight shining in your eyes and a police officer on either side of the car, it is difficult to remain silent. After all, you may feel that cooperating will help you. Believe the experts, nothing will help you except to be silent.

However, the likelihood of your having said enough to cause the officer to want to give you a Breathalyzer test is very high. Of course, you can refuse to take this test, but your license will be suspended for at least six months and your insurance company won’t like this either. You may be forced to give a blood sample which will indicate the alcohol level in your body.

Just being charged with a DUI is enough to really impact your life and your family’s life in a profound way. You cannot drive to work, you can’t take the kids to school and people will consider you to be a drunk. Your spouse or significant other will carry a real burden. Click here for more

The DUI Defense Reading PA will begin by looking at all of the evidence against you. An experienced DUI defense attorney will challenge every test the police made. For example, a Breathalyzer test is valid only if the administering officer is trained, and if the Breathalyzer was recently calibrated. If it hasn’t been, then the test may be thrown out. The blood test is even more subject to challenge because blood must be handled in a very specific way by a trained technician. The chain of evidence involving blood is very complex and the odds of a technician making a mistake are high.

The DUI Defense Reading PA attorney can find many reasons why the evidence against you is subject to challenge. With this in mind, the attorney may get the charge dismissed or he may get it reduced. You cannot accept a DUI charge as a fact you have to live with. An experienced attorney who is skilled in the DUI prosecution process is going to be invaluable and you must allow him to try to get this reduced or dismissed.

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