Identifying Important Factors With An 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney In Athens, TN

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Identifying Important Factors With An 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney In Athens, TN

In Tennessee, trucking accidents lead to complex circumstances that require further evaluation. At any time that a commercial accident occurs, the driver’s compliance with state and federal laws is reviewed. An 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney in Athens TN assists victims of the trucking accidents.

The On-Scene Investigation

After an accident involving a commercial truck, law enforcement officers must complete an entire assessment of the accident. Several legalities apply beyond who was at fault and will insurance cover the victim’s expenses. Commercial drivers must comply with state and federal laws.

Federal Motor Carrier Administration Safety Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration imposes safety regulations that must be followed at all times. First, all drivers are required to create a log of all their driving hours. Next, the drivers must take an 8-hour resting period after each 12-hour driving shift. The laws reduce the potential for exhausted driving that is a common cause of 18-wheeler accidents.

Commercial Drivers that Drive Under the Influence

State laws define blood-alcohol content readings that lead to DUI convictions. For drivers over the age of 21, the blood-alcohol content reading is 0.08%. However, if the adult driver is operating an 18-wheeler, the blood-alcohol content reading is 0.04 percent. All commercial drivers who are involved in a trucking accident must submit to chemical testing. The test screens for the presence of alcohol and controlled substances.

Fatalities and the Driver’s Liability

Any driver who failed to comply with FMCA safety regulations or had a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.04 percent could face more serious penalties. DUI charges that are connected to a fatality in an auto accident could lead to involuntary manslaughter. The circumstances could lead to a revocation of the commercial driver’s license indefinitely.

In Tennessee, trucking accidents present serious consequences for non-compliance drivers. If they fail to comply with federal safety regulations, the driver and their company could incur hefty fines. The driver could also lose their commercial driver’s license altogether. A local attorney helps victims of the accidents. Victims who need assistance are encouraged to contact an 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney in Athens TN at Chancey-Kanavos or Visit the website right now.

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