HVAC Services in San Marcos Will Keep You Cool

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Heating and air conditioning service for the home is often taken for granted. After all, if the house is cool, why worry about the air conditioner? The house may not be so cool on the hottest day of the year because that is when the air conditioning system will fail if it has an undiscovered problem. The best way to prevent this kind of unwelcome surprise is to have an annual check-up of the system.

There are so many parts that can cause a problem, considering that the system is actually an intricate group of inter-acting parts. There are mechanical parts, vacuum parts, cooling parts and wiring, not to mention the refrigerant which can leak out, and the homeowner doesn’t know it until the level drops below that required to cool properly.

The air conditioning has functional parts outside the home and inside also. HVAC Services in San Marcos know what to do. A check-up begins by starting with the Freon level. If it is low, there may be a leak which should be found and fixed. Freon is costly and it is a threat to the ozone. The next check could be the fan and the condenser.

The insulation on the cool line from the condenser to the compressor should be checked for wear. The coil fins will be straightened and cleaned for the best air circulation, and the fins should be cleaned of all debris.

The capacitor should be checked and the condenser coils should be cleaned along with the fan. Other major parts are inside such as the evaporator coils and the ducts, and these need to also be checked. The thermostat should be checked as well.

The Heating System

The critical parts of the heating system that need to be checked are the blower motor, the burners and the high limit switch. The heat exchanger needs to be checked for rust. The Flue should be checked for rust and carbon monoxide leaks which can be deadly. The burners need to be checked for proper ignition and flame. It is wise to remove the burners and examine them for cracks. The wiring needs to be checked for cracking or splitting. The blower fan should be free of debris. There are other parts that should be checked and Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. will check every functional part.

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