How Your DDS Dentist in Laurel, MS Can Treat Wisdom Teeth

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Every person is not given use to a full set of teeth. Only few have wisdom teeth that erupt at the age of 20. The most common situation is the appearance of the teeth after a person has reached 25-30 years old. Wisdom teeth erupt quickly and painfully. Because of this, you may even need the help of a DDS dentist in Laurel, MS.

Often the third molar will experience inflamed gums, developing periodontitis. This condition requires dental treatment. In addition, the tooth may be incorrectly positioned, making it difficult for dentists to work on. Once all four wisdom teeth (or maybe five) has appeared, you should watch hygiene very carefully. Due to inaccessibility, it is difficult to clean with a toothbrush. In addition, the gums in the far mound will become periodically inflamed. This greatly complicates cleaning because of the appearance of pain. Because of this, the fissures of the tooth will allow plaque to accumulate, which give way for bacteria. As a result, cavities may form, which requires treatment to the dentist.

Features of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are treated in the same manner as the other teeth. All the complexity behind them come from their positioning. Since it is difficult to get to to them, the quality of the treatment is greatly reduced. In the presence of a cavity, the issue must be treated and a filling material must be put in. It is very important to isolate the cavity from the saliva, which is difficult to achieve in the treatment of third molars.

If you visit a dentist at the moment when the cavity has reached the pulp, the dental professional will have to conduct a root canal treatment. If we consider the anatomical features of wisdom teeth, we can understand that this treatment is particularly time-consuming. The third molars can have four or more roots. Performing an x-ray does not always help you to clarify this fact. In the picture, you can see only the roots and large channels, and their split and additional branch will not always be seen.

It is best to always consult your DDS dentist in Laurel, MS if you experience any kind of dental pain. However, this statement is more true if your wisdom teeth start to bother you. For more information on this, or any other dental procedure, contact your local dentist.

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