How to tell the time has come for Air Conditioning Maintenance

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How to tell the time has come for Air Conditioning Maintenance

The best way to keep a home’s heating and cooling system operating properly is to set up and follow a maintenance schedule. Within the scope of that schedule, it may be necessary to take care of some things sooner rather than later. Here are some signs that tell the home owner it’s time for some type of air conditioning maintenance.

The air in the home is not fresh
When the unit is working as it should, the air inside the home smells fresh and clean. Lately, the home owner has noticed there is a slight odor in the air. By standing close to a vent and inhaling, it is possible to confirm that the unpleasant scent is coming from the duct. In this scenario, the need for air conditioning maintenance in the form of a duct cleaning is certainly in order.

The Unit is running more Often
It seems as if the unit never cycles off any more. This is true even though the weather is not unusually warm or cold for the time of year. Before assuming something is about to break down, take a good look at the filters. It could be that the addition of a new pet in the house led to more dander being trapped in the filter and affecting the air flow. By replacing the filters more often, the unit can force air through the system with greater efficiency and things can get back to normal.

Clanks and Clatters
The air conditioning has begun to make some unusual noises during operation. While the problem could be due to a part wearing out, the origin of the issue could also be that something needs to be tightened. A quick check during a routine inspection may be all it takes to identify the loose component, tighten the screws, and get rid of the clanks and clatters.

For help with any type of heating and cooling system issue, visit and schedule a service call today. Once the technician determines what is happening, it will be easy enough to come up with a solution. That same technician can also talk with the home owner about a service contract that would make routine maintenance an easier task to manage.

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