How to Make Your First Visit to a D.D.S. Dentist in Laurel, MS Productive

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Getting satisfactory oral care is a necessary part of a person’s overall medical care. A DDS dentist in Laurel, MS can provide you with information and treatments necessary to keep your teeth in good condition. Part of his job is to inspect your mouth for signs of disease and tooth decay. He will also advise you on ways to prevent future disease and to stop the progression any disease or decay that is present. If you have an appointment to see a dentist for the first time, there are some steps you can take to make sure the visit is productive. Also, Since it’s your initial visit, you won’t know for sure whether you want to see this dentist on a regular basis until after the meeting.

Before you meet with the dentist, make sure you fill out all the patient forms completely. If there is a question or request for information that does not pertain to you, simply put N/A. You will need to provide information such as your name, physical address, medical and dental background, and the medicines you are on. Also, you will need to write down any known allergens you have. This is important since your tentative D.D.S. dentist in Laurel MS may work with latex gloves or prescribe penicillin to you. These are two well-known allergens.

During your visit with the dentist, be observant of the cleanliness and general state of the office. Are the walls, floors, and ceiling dirty? Are any soiled towels or used dental instruments lying around haphazardly. Being treated by a competent dentist that practices strict hygienic measures will help to prevent cross-infection. When the dentist is treating you, make sure he uses gloves correctly. He should not touch anything but your mouth or sterilized dental instruments once he puts on a new pair of gloves.

Seeing a dentist for the first time involves open, honest communication so you can talk about your needs and desires. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about any subject related to your oral care. Doing all of this will help you get the dental care you need to have a durable smile.

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