How to Make Money off of Scrap Metal Recycling in St. Charles, MN

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

There’s more to recycling than throwing used plastics and paper into a bin for pick-up each week; recycling is about making the world a cleaner, more efficient place to live in. While it is heartwarming to know that recycling is helping the environment, there’s money to be made in it as well. scap metal recycling in St. Charles MN has become a popular way to make some extra cash all while saving the world. It is now common to find recycling plants and junk yards paying customers for scrap metal recycling donations.

Recycling is more than just an environmentally friendly process focused on curtailing waste, it ensures resources for future generations and helps lower business costs overall. Specifically, metal recycling has reduced the steel industry’s energy consumption costs by 75%. It is cheaper to recycle steel than to mine it from ore, and since metals are nonrenewable resources, recycling allows us to prolong our dependence on metal in our lives. If the world supply of metal were to run out, life as we know it would unravel. Consider how we use metal in everything from the buildings we construct and the cars we drive to the phones and laptops we use on a daily basis.

Scrap metal covers mostly all types of metals or metallic scrap: cast iron, copper, lead, aluminum, stainless steel; junk cars, car batteries, most appliances, most kinds of E-scrap, etc. scap metal recycling in St. Charles MN is paid by weight, ensuring you get the most for your scrap. While you are encouraged to bring your scrap metal yourself, pick-up service is available for junk cars as well as Rolloff service for large projects or construction sites.

It’s easy to put in the little bit of extra effort required to turn a profit recycling scrap metal, you just need to be aware. When it comes to your own trash, make sure to set aside all things metal for future drop-off. You can even extend your efforts beyond the home: be attentive at work and let your coworkers know you’re collecting scrap metal, and keep an eye out for wayward scrap metal wherever you go. Turn your tin cans into cash by recycling them along with any other junk metal that is lying around in your life.

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