How To Get The Most From Your Home Additions In Columbia Before You Sell

February, 2014 by

There is one for sure way to increase the value in your home and that is to add square footage. You could put thousands of dollars into a remodeling project, but the personal choices you make may not necessarily be what a buyer would want in a home. The only way to add dollar for dollar value to your home is to look at Home Additions in Columbia. These can be rather simple in dimensions; however, the infrastructure and exterior must complement the rest of the home.

Many people are wondering how to get the most out of their home before they put it on the market to sell, and that is where Home Additions can really pay off. Normally, your home would be competing against like models on the market and if you look at comparable sales prices in the marketplace, you will see square footage is the first consideration in the asking price along with the year built and number of rooms coming in at a close second or third.

There are numerous ways to incorporate Home Additions in Columbia. Typically there would be a structure that is built on to the exterior of an existing home. Building a room such as a family room or bedroom is one of the easiest options, as this does not require additional plumbing work. When you get into additions that add plumbing, then you have to consider the type of plumbing and sewer system set up for the home. In the case where you are dealing with septic tank, you may have to put in bigger tanks to accommodate the need for more people using the plumbing in the home.

In most locations, you can avoid costly fees and taxes when you have Home Additions in Columbia that are attached to the already existing support walls in a home. This is because the city or jurisdiction in the area does not see your addition as a completely new build but simply just what you are trying to do which is add more square footage to your home. Ask detailed questions to your architect or contractor when you consider a home addition and see what rules and regulations they are aware of in order to get the most for your money in addition to more room.

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