How to Find the Best Air Conditioning Contractors in Riverside, CA

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

It can be so stressful to find experienced and reliable air conditioning contractors in Riverside, CA. With the summer slowly approaching, it is important to get your air conditioner up and running at its best now. In order to find the best air conditioning contractors in Riverside, you must first ask these questions:

1. Are you EPA certified to handle Freon refrigerant gas?
2. Does your company carry digital carbon monoxide analyzers?
3. Does your company have liability and workers compensation insurance?

It is important when researching air conditioning contractors in Riverside, CA that you ask these questions. They are very basic questions, but the answers will be able help you in determining which air conditioning contractors in Riverside it is the best to hire.

EPA Certification

EPA Certification is a certificate given by the Environment Protection Agency to air conditioning contractors. This is a certificate verifying the contractor’s ability to handle refrigerants. Any contractor who deals with refrigerant appliances should have this certification. If the contractor does not possess this documentation, you may want to look elsewhere for your air conditioning needs. It proves that the individual that you hire is capable of working with refrigerants and is able to avoid any risks associated with it.

Digital Carbon Monoxide Analyzers

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that is also very deadly. A carbon monoxide leak is usually caused by broken heating systems. Heating and air conditioning contractors usually carry a digital analyzer with them in order to detect any exposure your family might be experiencing. The most professional contractors will carry these analyzers with them. You should strongly reconsider any contractor that does not have them available.

Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance

It is crucial that any contractor you choose to employ is covered under the business liability and workers compensation insurance. It is very easy to be injured at work, especially in this line of work. Liability and workers compensation insurance is a safety net for you and the contractor. It ensures that whatever happens to the contractor while on the clock will be covered by his insurance and not yours. Never choose a contractor who does not have this insurance. If an injury were to occur while they were on your property, you would be held responsible for any and all medical costs and wages lost.

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