How to Find Roofers in Naples, FL

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

A home’s roof is its first line of defense for keeping weather out of interior spaces. Damage to the attic or other interior spaces will quickly occur if roof damage is not quickly repaired. Roofers in Naples, FL work with homeowners to keep water out by providing fast, quality repairs or replacing the roofing material when needed. Finding the top roofing contractors in the area is not hard if a few simple rules are applied.


First, look for a roofing contractor who has been around for a long time. A long history of satisfied customers provides the confidence that the company’s materials and workmanship will be first class. Ask the company being considered about their experience working with homeowners in Naples and the surrounding areas. With the area’s weather conditions, top installers know what is necessary to provide maximum protection from storms common to the region.

Next, top area companies like National Roofing of Collier, Inc. ( provide clients with quality roof repairs or a variety of options for replacing a roof that is beyond repair. There are several types of roofing products currently popular in the area. Budget conscious clients may opt for one of several varieties of shingles, while others may elect options like metal, tile or concrete tile materials for longer lived roofs. Remember that, in some areas, certain roofing materials are needed to help a home retain a specific look that the neighborhood demands. Top companies know which materials will help a client’s property best fit into a neighborhood.

Roofers in Naples, FL who employ all their installers rather than relying on subcontractors should be first on anyone’s list. Keeping quality consistent is important. No roofing contractor wants to be called back because of inferior workmanship that can occur when using untested installation labor. Ask any contractor being considered if they employ all the labor used for their roofing installations.

Finally, inquire what steps the company takes to keep the company environmentally friendly. Many modern roofing products are manufactured with at least some recycled materials. Does the company encourage the “green” movement? Finding Roofers in Naples, FL that deliver quality service and work to keep clients happy will almost certainly result in a dry home with a roof that will last for many years.

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