How to Control the Costs Associated with HVAC in Franklin TN

July, 2014 by Myrtice Lovett

Electric costs brought about by a HVAC in Franklin TN system can be reduced drastically by carrying out relatively simple steps that require little to no capital investment. Several building management companies have claimed savings of up to 24% making the actions worth a second look.

Some of the measures taken are considered low-cost since they eventually pay for themselves within a year or less, through reduced energy expenses. Others are quantified as no cost since they only require staff time.

Four areas should be considered for no-cost/low-cost energy savings. However, before you can delve deeper and look at the areas, it is crucial that you understand that while some solutions are cost-effective in one facility, they might not produce the same results in another. Even with no cost options, the resultant savings might vary depending on:

  • Local climate
  • Energy pricing
  • Age and equipment type
  • Usage of energy management systems
  • The availability of staff, experience and knowledge

The four areas of interest when it comes to energy savings are listed below.

Control of Outside Air

Depending on your particular area’s climate, conditioning the outside air can help reduce the cooling load significantly. Get in touch with a professional who will check on your flow levels and check with your local building code to achieve the highest possible cost savings.

Exploiting Existing Equipment

A close examination of your plans, you will likely find a potential for real savings by using your existing current system’s capabilities. For example, 2-speed cooling fans are available but without the possibility of controlling speed on them. However, with the addition of a small condenser water thermostat, high-speed operation is achievable reducing the tower’s consumption by two-thirds.

Small Investments that go a Long Way

If you have a standard thermostat, consider replacing it with a programmable unit that is operable as a control point using an existing energy management system. Auto temperature setbacks will allow you to gain significant savings during your off hours. A few thermostats even come with variable deadbands that allow for the variation of temperatures from one room to another.

Simultaneous Chiles Heating & Cooling not only increases energy costs but also increases your operational costs. Cooling and heating HVAC in Franklin TN systems eventually work against each other, creating additional wear and tear on the auxiliaries, chillers, boilers, hot-water pumps, chilled-water pumps, contactors and electric heating coils.

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